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About Texas Chili Parlor

Texas Chili Parlor has etched its name in the annals of Texan gastronomic lore. Established in 1976, this iconic eatery, situated at 1409 Lavaca St, has been serving Tex-Mex delights for over four decades under the owner of Scott Zublin. What sets Chili Parlor apart is its storied history. This legendary establishment not only boasts a rich heritage but has also made appearances in renowned movies, including Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof.” Additionally, it has found its place in the lyrics of Guy Clark’s song.

The star of the restaurant, however, is undoubtedly the chili, a beloved specialty that draws patrons from far and wide. Prepared with meticulous care, it embodies the essence of Tex-Mex cuisine, offering a tantalizing blend of flavors and spices. When you step into The Texas Chili Parlor, you step into a piece of Austin’s culinary history. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an institution where tradition and taste converge, leaving an indelible mark on anyone fortunate enough to savor its offerings.

Menu Highlights of Texas Chili Parlor

At Texas Chili Parlor in Austin, culinary tradition takes center stage. The menu, carefully crafted over the years, showcases an array of mouthwatering dishes, all rooted in the famed chili recipe that has defined Texan cuisine for generations. One of the standout features of the menu is its commitment to flavor without compromise. Each dish is meticulously prepared to ensure an authentic taste that reflects the rich Texan culinary heritage.

The chili, a true star, tantalizes taste buds with its perfect blend of spices and ingredients, all while being mindful of calories for patrons. The menu extends beyond this iconic dish to offer a diverse selection of Tex-Mex classics. From sizzling fajitas to hearty enchiladas, there’s something to satisfy every craving. When you dine at Texas Chili Parlor, you’re immersing yourself in the culinary essence of Austin. Each dish tells a story, a tale of flavors passed down through generations.

Featured Culinary Delights

Nestled in the heart of Austin, The Texas Chili Parlor boasts an impressive and diverse array of cherished dishes, each carefully crafted to showcase the rich tapestry of Texan culinary tradition. These cherished dishes embody the very essence of Austin’s culinary scene. Whether you’re a chili aficionado or seeking a taste of Texan authenticity, Chili Parlor’s menu promises a delectable adventure that reflects the heart and soul of Austin’s food culture.

White Chili

Among the restaurant’s standout offerings is the celebrated White Chili, a dish that has captured the hearts and palates of both locals and visitors alike. This exquisite creation features succulent chicken and tender white beans, simmered to perfection in a flavorful and gluten-free broth. The result is a delightful harmony of spices and textures, making it an exceptionally popular choice for those seeking a lighter yet equally satisfying option.


For adventurous diners seeking a spicy sensation, the Habanero dish is a must-try. Crafted with expert precision, this flavorful masterpiece combines tender cuts of meat with a fiery blend of habanero peppers. Despite its fiery heat, the dish maintains a well-balanced and gluten-free profile that keeps patrons returning for more. The Habanero offers a thrilling journey through layers of flavor and a delightful kick for those with an affinity for spice.

Frito Pie

The Frito Pie, a Texan comfort food legend, also graces the menu. This iconic dish marries the satisfying crunch of Fritos with the hearty goodness of chili and delectable toppings. It’s the ultimate indulgence, served in a gluten-free version that honors tradition while accommodating dietary preferences. The Frito Pie exemplifies the perfect fusion of flavors and textures, making it a timeless favorite for those seeking a taste of nostalgia.

Bar Menu Delights at Texas Chili Parlor

An extensive and enticing drink menu awaits, offering a delightful array of libations to complement your dining experience. This thoughtfully curated drink menu is designed to enhance your visit, ensuring a memorable time. Among the highlights of the drink menu is the renowned Mad Dog Margarita, a signature cocktail that perfectly complements the bold flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine. This zesty margarita is a fan favorite, delivering a refreshing kick that pairs wonderfully with the restaurant’s chili and other dishes.

In addition to the Mad Dog Margarita, the drink menu boasts a variety of options, from classic cocktails to a well-stocked selection of beers and wines. Whether you’re in the mood for a craft beer, a fine wine, or a handcrafted cocktail, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate. The bar at The Texas Chili Parlor is a haven for those seeking a diverse range of beverages to accompany their meal. The drink menu offers a perfect complement to the restaurant’s delectable offerings.

Discover the Perfect Vibe

Chili Parlor is more than just a restaurant. As you step inside, you’ll be transported to a world where every detail tells a story. The walls are adorned with iconic imagery that pays homage to Austin’s vibrant heritage. From vintage photographs to artwork reflecting the city’s music scene, the ambiance captures the essence of the Texan spirit. Rustic wooden furnishings and warm lighting create an inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect place to savor your meal. For those driving in, there is convenient parking for your vehicles, ensuring that your visit is hassle-free from the moment you arrive. The Texas Chili Parlor offers a unique blend of history, culture, and culinary excellence, making it a must-visit destination in Austin.

Service Options

At Texas Chili Parlor, a commitment to providing exceptional service is maintained. While delivery services are not provided, two convenient options for enjoying Parlor’s delicious offerings are offered: dine-in and online ordering with pickup. Whether a preference for the warm ambiance of the restaurant or the convenience of online ordering exists, the menu remains readily available to satisfy Tex-Mex cravings. Orders can be placed online, and Parlor’s dedicated team ensures preparation to perfection. Then, at your convenience, the iconic location at 1409 Lavaca St, Austin, can be visited for order pickup. For any updates regarding services, please do not hesitate to reach out via phone. Thank you for choosing Chili Parlor as the Tex-Mex destination.

Customer Reviews

Share your thoughts about your visit to Texas Chili Parlor using the provided form on this website. Your reviews play a crucial role in offering unbiased insights to fellow patrons of this establishment. Furthermore, you can consult other reviews if you haven’t had the chance to personally explore Texas Chili. Your contributions add valuable information for others.

Best Chili in Austin!!!!

September 20, 2023

Picture this: Austin, Texas, a sweltering day where our team was on the brink of surrendering to the heat. Then, like a true hero, the Texas Chili Parlor came to our rescue. Stepping into this fantastic establishment was an absolute knockout. Our waiter, Darrel or something equally fabulous, sported an impressive head of hair that added to the charm.

Seated next to the Texas Flag was a nice touch, although I longed to cross my legs, a minor drawback. The plot thickened when The Crackers made their entrance—an outstanding 10/10 appetizer. We eagerly sipped on some delicious water as we awaited our Chili + More. By this point, hunger had almost driven me to consider gnawing on my own arm.

Then, at last, Darrel appeared with our order. It was nothing short of a masterpiece, the best meal our taste buds had ever encountered. To put it mildly, we practically licked the plate clean. A definite must-see (and taste) in Austin! 10/10 would recommend.

Avatar for Natalie A.
Natalie A.

Food was good and nice portions.

September 19, 2023

My inaugural visit to Austin was last week, and this place came highly recommended by my boss. Stepping in, I noticed the interior was a bit dimly lit, setting a unique ambiance. Quirky little signs added to its character. The wait staff seemed a bit stretched that night, with just two of them managing the tables. Despite the slight delay, the food was worth the wait—good portions and delicious flavors.

What truly made the experience memorable was the blast from the past with 70’s music playing, infusing the place with a fantastic vibe. It added an extra layer of enjoyment to an already great meal. A recommended spot for a taste of Austin’s charm and good food!

Avatar for JohnK W.
JohnK W.

I will come back for sure.

September 16, 2023

This spot is a gem for chili lovers, conveniently located near the capital. Inside, it exudes a cozy bar-like atmosphere with dim lighting, making it a perfect hideout. I can only imagine the lively ambiance during football games; it must be a blast!

The food truly stood out—especially the hot chili, living up to its name with a fiery kick. And the mouse cake? A dessert to die for, a delightful surprise! I’m already looking forward to revisiting this place in the future. Kudos to our waitress who was not only friendly but also provided excellent service, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Avatar for Tiffany G.
Tiffany G.

Great prices!

September 13, 2023

Waking up to a chilly apartment was the perfect excuse for a chili craving, and this fun little place came to the rescue! Stepping inside felt like a trip back in time, adding to the charm.

I decided to go all in and ordered the habanero chili. The waitress, kind and thoughtful, gave me a fair warning about its heat, and she was right—it was fiery, but oh-so-delicious, a delightful pain for my taste buds! Here’s a big Texas-style cheers to the state food of Texas—yee haw! Can’t wait for my next visit.

Avatar for Diana V.
Diana V.

Good food...very reasonable prices...fun place. What's not to like?

September 11, 2023

We dropped by for lunch and found ourselves at the lively bar with a couple of friendly folks. The bartender was an absolute delight—fun and amiable, taking exceptional care of us throughout our visit. I opted for the Habanero Chili, and my wife went for the Sausage and Beef with Black Bean Chili. Both were fantastic! My wife’s had an abundance of meat and a mild, delightful flavor, while mine packed a satisfying heat and was utterly delicious. A rarity for me, I didn’t need to add the side of jalapeños to spice it up!

To our delight, the drinks were very reasonably priced, adding to the enjoyable experience. The lively and engaging conversation with the bartenders and fellow patrons made our time even more enjoyable. We’re seriously considering another visit before we bid this town farewell!

Avatar for John H.
John H.

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Nestled on Lavaca Street in the heart of Austin, TX, Chili Parlor invites you to embark on a culinary journey steeped in Texan tradition. Lavaca Street is where you’ll find this celebrated establishment, known for its rich history and iconic chili recipe. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the diverse menu offers something for every palate, from the famous chili to sizzling Tex-Mex classics. To find the location easily, please refer to the map below. The Texas Chili Parlor is excited to have you join in and discover the authentic tastes of Texas right here on Lavaca Street.